Jordan Dwyer

Jordan Dwyer


Jordan Dwyer is the founder of Digital Hop and is a contributing author for much of the content relating to SEO, Python, Machine Learning and Digital Marketing that you will come across on this site. South African born and raised he started his career by making corporate videos for clients.

“It became clear that the future was in digital marketing and creating a complete solution for clients who not only wanted to utilise video but also wanted their video to be found on their website and wanted their website to be found online.”

Jordan then moved towards providing clients with a holistic online digital service.

“I realised early on that the skills I had developed in trying to get my own business found online had become an industry in and of itself. Companies were playing catch-up all the time in a quickly evolving digital world and they needed help “

Let’s talk Python and data analysys

“Python is a great programming language that interacts well with API’s and makes excel almost obsolete for a lot of mundane tasks. But Python really comes into its own when we start talking data analysys. You’ve got this tool that can be used to collect data, sort it, clean it and then basically deliver it to platforms like Power BI, Google Data Studio or whatever you’re using. I think Python will basically become a required skill for anyone in the data analysys industry in the future”

So what’s next?

“Machine learning and SEO is something I am really interested in at the moment. Actually, machine learning and everything digital seems like such an opportunity for companies and Digital marketers. There is so much more we can do to better understand our customers and to give them what they are looking for in online experiences. The types of insights that machine learning offers in terms of journey mapping, keyword analysis, segmentation etc is mind boggling“