About DigiBru

Digibru is a B2B digital marketing agency based in Basingstoke, United Kingdom. We offer tailor-made services that are geared towards helping businesses attract, engage and convert other potential business clients.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing Focuses on Finding Opportunities that make sense to your business, are achievable and Treat Your Clients Like People

Every business needs a unique digital marketing strategy that focuses on its strengths and attracting the right type of clients. As a business looking to reach other businesses, you want to ensure that you are focussing on the opportunities that will generate results and avoid wasting time on digital trends that sound exciting but are actually not the right thing for your business.

We’ll work with you to understand the essence of your business and design a digital marketing strategy that pierces through the digital clutter and speaks to the heart and interests of your ideal target client.

We believe that businesses have a choice when it comes to how they attract and win over their online customers, for us the choice is simple. We believe the best way to grow a business is to be honest and provide your potential clients with the information they need to make a considered choice. Together, we’ll help you to get your message in front of your potential clients and to show them how your business is the perfect partner for them.

Our Team

Jordan Dwyer

Jordan Dwyer

Founder & CEO

Jordan started his career in making corporate videos for businesses looking to promote their products and services. This naturally progressed to digital marketing as these companies began to embrace emerging digital channels.

What We Do Best

Over time we’ve honed in on a few tried and tested services that we believe add value to our client’s businesses.


Website Building

We can design, build, host and maintain your wordpress website.


PPC Services

Attract the right traffic to your site with a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign


Video Production

A professional video can help your website to stand out from the competition


SEO Services

Take advantage of free organic traffic with our Search Engine Optimisation.

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