The 3 Stage buying journey is a strategy you can use to generate leads online through nurturing prospective clients. We do this by breaking down the digital journey they take to become clients into 3 stages; attract stage, convince stage and the close stage.

By focussing on these 3 distinct stages of your clients buying journey, you are able to better understand how your customers find your website, learn about your products and services and how you get them to get in contact with you when they’re ready.


attract stage

The Attract Stage

Businesses start out by looking for services and products online. At this point they might not know that your company has what they are looking for. We need to make sure that your website is showing up for the searches that matter.

To do this we use SEO(search engine optimisation) and PPC advertising to get your website appearing on Google and in the search results for the particular services and products you offer. The idea here is to attract people to visit your website.


convince stage

The Convince Stage

Once we got your prospective clients to visit your website, we need to convince them that your company has the products and services they need. We do this by understanding the questions visitors may have and by making sure they are able to find the answers and content they are looking for.

Video is great way to earn your visitors trust as it immediately helps you to stand out and shows that you are serious about helping your customers. Credibility is an important element to helping your prospective clients to feel confident and videos go a long way to help achieve this.


close stage

The Close Stage

The close stage is about making sure your website visitors are able to get in contact with you when they are ready to do so. This can be through contact forms, on-site assistance widgets, subscription email signups and gated content.

We also help you track which campaigns are working the best for you by being able to setup conversion tracking to see if your new clients came from your SEO, PPC or social media campaigns. Knowing which of your campaigns is working is essential to being able to build on that success.

What Next?

The 3 stage buying journey is designed to help companies approach digital marketing in an easy to understand way that allows you to put in place a digital strategy that nurtures clients. Let’s talk about you and your company and how we can help to put in place a digital marketing strategy that is tailor made to generate B2B leads.