Bing has introduced quizzes and surveys to the Search Engine’s Home Page in a move to attract new users by tapping into our competitive nature.


When visiting Bing’s Home Page you might notice a little graduation hat below the search box. If you hover your mouse over this little hat the quiz should open up. Users will then be able to select answers and see how well they scored.


The move is designed to make Bing’s Search Page more attractive for curious minds who love to test their general knowledge and compare their results against their fellow human beings. But it remains to be seen if this new “gimmick” will end up contributing to Bing’s bottom line.

After all, Bing needs users to use its search engine, so that it can sell ad space which appears on the side of the search results. Their users may have less time to do what they come there to do in the first place if they are distracted by the surveys and questionnaires. That could result in your ad being ignored altogether and a lower click through rate.

That’s not good for a Search Engine that is competing for volumes against the likes of Google. However, unlike Google, Bing is appealing to a very specific market segmentation and these types of gimmicks may be attracting just the right type of audience for your brand. Bing may not have the volumes but their ads do seem to get good click through rates, which shows their users are willing to click on the right ad.